A place for second chances

Nick is a volunteer at Caring Ministries. He is part of Caring’s transitional program that serves people re-entering normal life after a period of time in the correctional system. This program has transformed his life, providing much-needed assistance in the process of helping him back on his feet

He lives in on-site housing next door to peers and mentors. Nick has worked through a series of life skills programs served at the distribution center and says the team and the productive work environment have had a big impact along the way. They provide him many opportunities to course correct and be extended grace.

“Caring has transformed my life.┬áThis is a place of second┬áchances.”

Over the years, Nick has watched Caring Ministries change and grow. One thing that remains the same he says is “when you are on the streets, with the team, distributing food…you are offering hope and building community.”

That is what it’s all about. That is what motivates Nick to continue to serve, to continue to pick himself up so he can help someone else, so he can give someone else a second chance.