Together we provide hope to families in your community.

Schools are wonderful partners. Their large commercial kitchens have abundant space to store food and proximity to families allows them to function as a hub for community.

There are a two ways a church partners with us, becoming a distribution site or bringing groups to serve. Both are great ways to serve together and impact real lives. We welcome you and your school to partner with us.

School Distribution Sites

Schools are wonderful places to have regular food give away days. It’s often a great blessing to the church community and avenue to meet neighbors in the immediate area. Serving alongside your fellow church member to help meet the basic needs of families is incredibly fulfilling and incredibly necessary. There are people who are hungry and in need all around our city.

To become a school distribution site you need to:

  • Commit to a regular distribution day (monthly or weekly)
  • Organize receiving or picking up the food
  • Organize a team to give away the food
  • Communicate to your community about the food give away day

Caring Ministries will provide:

  • Food
  • Notice of the food distribution day on our website
  • Delivery of the food to your site (in some circumstances)

The amount of food and frequency of distribution days will be coordinated with our Caring team.

For more information contact Joshua
(520) 882-2645

School Groups

We enjoy having school groups for distribution days or volunteer days at our facility. There are always needs at our distribution center to food organization, facility maintenance, distribution support, and more. Often we’ll have groups come for a couple of hours to work as a team. Your service is a very helpful to us and a great way to build community with friends.

School groups will provide:

  • The team of able bodied (or morale boosting) people
  • Transportation to and from

Caring Ministries will provide:

  • The work
  • Snacks
  • Bottled water

Coordinate your group volunteer day with our Caring team.

For group volunteer information contact Dane
(520) 882-2645