A Heart to Serve

One of Caring Ministries’ truck drivers referred Tommy to the ministry over four years ago. Tommy is a recovering drug addict. Being involved at Caring helps with his recovery and gives him a sense of accomplishment every day. He is over five years sober and lets the team at Caring know when his anniversary is each year. It’s a joy to celebrate this amazing accomplishment with him. Tommy has grown over the years in his faith. He has also reconnected with his son and his son’s family.

Tommy is normally the first face that people see when they come through the gate at Caring Ministries. He never stops moving and is always friendly with anyone who works with him. Tommy is a firm believer in working hard. His main responsibilities include breaking down boxes for recycling, taking out the garbage, greeting people at the gate and unloading food from the food rescue trucks. He is also involved in the Bible study that the group of men in the Life Development Program do weekly. Tommy has a huge heart for this ministry and all that Caring does. When tasks die down in between waiting for the food rescue trucks, Tommy enjoys throwing a Frisbee around.

Chuck and Jill have been volunteering every Wednesday since May of 2020. They attend Redemption Church, one of Caring’s partner churches. One week, Jill came into the office with a loaf of banana bread. The director, Joshua, asked if the banana bread was for him and she said, “No, it is for your worker Tom, we just love Tom. You know, Josh, Chuck and I are boring people, living boring lives. You have no idea how much we look forward to volunteering here on Wednesday. The energy here is fantastic and you can feel that although the world is going through a dark time, there is the light of Christ at Caring Ministries.” Few people know that Tommy is a recovering addict who is a big part of Caring’s Life Development Program. He shows up each day with joy and energy that spreads to all those around him. Jill now bakes tasty treats for everyone at Caring Ministries but is sure to make banana bread specifically for Tom. The team loves Tom and now this couple gets to love him, too.