Giving Thanks

For the 2021 holiday season, Caring Ministries partnered with local churches and individuals to give away over a thousand food boxes to families in need.

Traditionally on the Monday before Thanksgiving, Caring has a team of volunteers – regulars, neighbors, first-timers and volunteers from other programs – gather to give away food boxes and a protein. The food boxes are jammed packed full of bread, canned foods, stuffing and more! Each holiday food box weighed about fifty pounds. Through partnerships and Caring’s food rescue program with local grocery stores, meat including turkeys, whole and half-cut chickens, hams and other various proteins were available for this event.

Families started to form a line outside the gate in the afternoon. With everyone in line and all the volunteers ready, the Caring team prayed as one body. Once prayer concluded the team began giving food boxes to families. Volunteers stood ready to assist families with carrying the holiday boxes back to their cars. This allows for a smooth process and opportunities to chat with families in our community. In two hours, 311 boxes were given out.

Group of volunteers

People attending the holiday box distribution

These holiday boxes have made an impact in our community each year. They provide hope, joy, dignity, life, smiles, full bellies and family traditions. During a day when all of us stop to give thanks for what we have, the greatest joy for the Caring team was blessing others. Overall, Caring gave away over 57,500 pounds of food.

Walmart continues to provide some of the food needed for the holiday boxes at a discounted price. Caring is grateful for their partnership and support to our community. The Southern Arizona Food Bank and other grocery partners provide the rest of the food and supplies.

It was a great day for the families receiving the food as well as those serving. For many volunteers, the day was already a tradition, an essential part of their Thanksgiving. For some volunteering for the first time it was a surprisingly joyful way to begin the holidays.

Families receiving holiday food boxes

“…remember the words of Lord Jesus, how he himself said, ‘it is more blessed to give than to receive’” – Acts 20:35

Join us this next holiday season. With your support in person or donations, we hope to be able to bless more families again next year. Reach out to us for details on the holiday giving days and how to give to the Holiday Campaign. To learn more about how to get involved throughout the year, contact us at (520) 882-2645 or

Serve with us any time of the year.