From Hardship to Hope

Nick is a dock supervisor at Caring Ministries. He is also a graduate of Caring’s Life Development Program, which helps people integrate into everyday life after coming out of the correctional system. His life was marked by hardship, but God redeemed his situation through the support he received.

Growing up with parents who struggled with addiction, Nick experienced trauma. Throughout his childhood, Nick’s father was in and out of his life. Because of this, he sought acceptance and love wherever he could find it. He got involved with the wrong crowds and eventually turned to drugs. After hitting rock bottom, he went to rehab at Teen Challenge where God saved him. While transitioning out of Teen Challenge, he heard about Caring Ministries. Nick was invited to volunteer that following Monday. Little did he know, this invite would transform his life.

Over the years, Nick has received mentorship at Caring. He went from being a volunteer to being a leader. Now, Nick is in charge of daily operations such as overseeing food pick-ups and coordinating volunteers during distributions. His responsibilities have taught him how to lead, speak confidently and handle difficult situations. Nick has a servant’s heart and is willing to work wherever he is needed.

Being at Caring has also helped him be honest with himself and God about where he falls short. By doing this, he has experienced true peace.

“God has truly shown me how to be a man through life’s trials and situations through people he has placed in my life through Caring Ministries.”

God has used the community and support at Caring to impact Nick’s life dramatically. As someone who had hit rock bottom, he is able to help those who are currently there.